Friday, January 29, 2010

Carving the wood elf Day 6.

I know I didn't post anything yesterday because it was late and I felt as if I had done very little in the way of carving. Not that I didn't spend 6 hours working on her, Just that I had a lot of wood to remove and it took a long time to remove it in the end. I didn't have much in the way of pics to show the progress. She now weights much less than before so I can put her on the saw horse. I used the chainsaw to separate her legs and from there I have been chipping away. After all that work, I got only one leg partially revealed. Feeling a Little discouraged, I worked a little on her arm and hand. I'm getting better at hands now in that they look more like a female and less like a meaty paw that I used to make. There is still a long way to go on her other side. I have to carved out her arm, hand, other leg and the spear that she is holding. then there are all the details. Who ever said carving was 'easy?' I'll see what I can get done tonight. I might post again later.


L. D. Burgus said...

You learn as you respond to your work. It is making great progress. I was going to tell you we have black squirrels along the two southern corners of the state and the red squirrel and gray is all we have ever had in central Iowa.

Glowbug Design said... must have so much patience! I consider any project that takes more than a day to be tedious. Beautiful work!


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