Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hinges Hinges Hinges!

So after two days, a ton of scrap wood, and several wrong turns, I have been able to make a bunch of wooden hinges! I'm quite pleased with the results and they were not too hard to put together after figuring it all out. First I did all the routing, Then I cut the pieces so that they had about a 1/4 inch backing. I used a small file to clean up the edges. Then I used small finishing nails to hold them in place while I rounded them over with a sanding bit. As you can see, they will fit on the back of the box in a small recess area. I was working on one tonight, but it is in the process of being glued up at the moment. Hopefully It will be ready to show off tomorrow.


MackTheKnife said...

You're a better man than I, Gunga Ethan! I would have kicked the whole lot, router, table and all, long ago.


diy said...

Now that would definately unhinge me. Then, I've one foot over the line already.


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