Sunday, January 17, 2010

Water lillies, Beer batter candy bar? and Fish...Hmmm fish!

Just a quick post tonight on a few experiments in the kitchen. Cheryl read somewhere that the Brits take candy bars and deep fry them. So she has been bugging me to try this for years. The opportunity came yesterday when we had fish for dinner. It's surprisingly pretty good! Taste like a doughnut with a candy center. As for the fish...we are going to try to make it a weekend tradition since we have not been eating as much fish as we used to ( back in the "eth works at a fish hatchery" days. As for Origami, I have been working on a koi but still have to master it. But in the mean time....I have found a water Lilly that I like. Hope everyone has a great week this week!


L. D. Burgus said...

They do that with snickers at the Iowa State Fair. I bet it is good.

Dave Brock said...

That looks as good as a Krispy Creame doughnut with a chocolate topping.

Anonymous said...

I have had Mars Bars. I think you need to freeze the chocolate bar so it doesnt melt. Its so naughty but its nice.


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