Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Origami Bugs

Some more bugs to blog about. these Arbies wrappers are great for insect designs because the paper is so thin and yet pretty strong. Strong in that it won't tear, but not strong in that it will support the sculpture. That is why I have not been making any animal designs with them. ( I have, but they have not been very nice to look at) So enjoy the rhino beetle and the wasp. The rhino beetle is a mix between the Japanese and the Indonesian. But, then again, it's just paper! Oh! And to add a little to the mix, Here's the latest Anime that I have been hooked to. Pumpkin scissors! Strange name. but Cool anime. Takes place in a time similar to World War 1 Era. Enjoy the openning.


diy said...

THere we go - you've finally done it. As you know I've been admiring both you wood and paper creations.. To the point I'm going to give origami a try this year.. Now that may indeed be a stupid decision as Janice has the job of parceling thing up - I'm u.s. at it.

So where do I start, is there an "Auld Idiot's Guide To Origami"" What paper do use or not use.?

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Easy! Here's a start

THere are beginner as well and " Don't even try!" designs.. It's fun when you have nothing but a peice of paper with you to pass the time... the Origami Crane is the most basic and you can do so many things just off that one design. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool bugs!


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