Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree carving day 5

Has it been 5 days? Well, tonight I have been working on the ears, hair and back of our little wood elf. I still don't want to do to much detail on her head, but outlining the ears seems to be helpful. Then I moved onto the back. Her cloak is probably going to look more like a toga with all the linen folds I would like to put in. You see, the last tree carving had hardly any folds in her dress. So to spice this one up a bit, I thought adding a LOT to her back would be cooler. It's going to take some time to smooth out all those wrinkles, but I'm liking the way it is turning out so far. And finally..My new shop cat. Or I should say 'the return of the old shop cat. Now that the door is closed, Red can come in and play on the carving as much as he wants....or until I kick him off and out.


diy said...

As you know I view your progress in each carving. The speed it emerges from the wood is what strikes me here.

Little Tesoro said...

Wow, this is so incredible.

MackTheKnife said...

Looking good, Ethan! Red looks quite satisfied being King of the Moun . . . uh . . . Wood Elf.



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