Monday, January 11, 2010

Progress! On the wooden hinge..

I had high hopes to make several dozen wooden hinges tonight, However...Murphies law Helped make that almost not happen. the end I got two hinges that I'm pretty proud of. I experimented with a number of possibilities, but in the end settled with a longer hinge instead of two small ones. I also stumbled on a little trick that helps with the assembly of the hinge. That is, Don't drill a deep hole through the fingers. It just causes it to bind up. So I put a small hole through the first couple of fingers in the ends. Made a HUGE difference. I finally finished the first successful hinge at midnight, and decided to see if i could do it again. I did! And it only took me about 10 minutes! So with that verdict, I believe I have a solid enough foundation on the hinge part to move on. Tomorrow....I'll see if I can install them in one of the card boxes. Oh! And here is a close up of the sled. It works the best! Hopefully you will see how it works. If you have one already, feel free to comment and give me pointers on how to make it better.

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