Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finished boxes. Yes! Totally finished!

So tonight I finally finished the boxes and now they will be ready for pictures and posting in my Etsy shop. IT took a while to get here, but who ever said learning was easy? Especially when you are teaching yourself and your teacher doesn't know anything! Looking back, the hinges were a challenge. And still have a few issues that need to be solved. The first two I used Ebony stain. I thought they looked better with a dark "royal" color. Unfortunately, the contrasting wood on the hinge does not show up much when everything is black. After staining, I used a simple furniture wax as the ultimate finish. ( not polyurethane this time) I love the luster that the wax gives the wood. Kind of an antique look. After spending three years in the Army, I got pretty good at polishing boots. Polishing books is like sharpening chisels: everyone has their own way of doing things that they think is the best. For me, A good boot brush can give you a pretty good shine and does not take long to do. For the next several boxes though, I tried natural stain. Cheryl likes this the best, and I though it was the best way to show off the spalding in the maple. It also allows for the oak hinge to be shown off a bit more. So there you have it. You can't get much easier than stain with a light furniture wax finish, Cheryl says they feel like the "exotic" woods at Woodcraft. ( they dip them in wax to avoid them from cracking) Hopefully I can sell a few and work on some more this coming week. Hope you're having a great weekend!


Dave Brock said...

The wood hinged boxes have got to be the best project I've seen in a while. At various times in my woodworking history I've tried a variety of wood hinges but never found a "quick & easy" method... but you are giving me inspiration to picking it up again... or at least a willingness to experiment again. Thanks be to the Great "E"!

diy said...

They are grat, I really dmire them.
Unlike Dave I'm not going to attempt them though.


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