Monday, January 4, 2010

Sashi the Drama Queen!

As you may know, Rashi has been fighting a serious cold for almost a week now. We thought she was getting better, after taking her to the vet and getting some medicine. She was eating ( not much, but some) she was drinking ( again, not much!) and she seemed to be over the coughing and breathing through her mouth. Then last night she decided to her "swan song". She stopped eating, drinking, and holed up in a closet for most of the day! Apparently...she is old ( 10 years or older according to the vet) and she always has been thin. Well, she was acting like a previous cat just before she died ( hanging out in the bath tub, kitchen sink, etc. ) Then Cheryl stepped in..... Cheryl filled the the medicine dropper with water and forced it down her. Then she ate and now she seems to be doing fine. I'll be very happy when she is back to her piglet self, eating all the food put out for all three cats! As for me, I've been fighting a similar cold since before Christmas! No sinus, just a nagging cough that simply won't go away. For this reason, Cheryl has banned me from the workshop ( the cold and dust is not helpful) So I'm researching wooden hinges for my box idea, along with some origami with a new paper. I have found a couple of really great ideas and resources on line. Wisdom of the hands, Fine woodworking, and Woodcraft. I really like the fine woodworking model and that was the most similar to what I had in mind. I want to use a finishing nail as the pin. It looks like it may be as big a challenge to get it down as the bushing template. But in the end, I want to figure this out and make some nice boxes that I will have 100% control over. ( see toilet seat supply issues in previous posts)

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