Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree carving Day 4. Origami skull.

Continuing on the carving quest. Today it snowed and got a lot colder. So I decided to step up the carving plan and do my best to move her inside where it is slightly warmer. The garage is not heated, it's just shielded from the wind and draft of the outside. Plus it is a lot easier to light up. I did my best to remove the bark off the lower half, and clean up some of the chainsaw marks. She is still too heavy to put up on the sawhorse. But hopefully she will begin to dry and lose that heavy water weight. As for the carving part...I focused on the torso and a little on the right arm. That arm will be a tough time because it is basically one huge knot. It tends to bounce even my sharpest chisels back at me! Now that she is inside. I'm hoping that I can now make some real progress on her lower half. Also, While fooling around with a stray Arbies wrapper, I made a skull of an antelope. My first ever attempt and I like the way it turned out. More pics at the progress goes on.

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