Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another vet visit....

The day started with only one seat to carve up, then quickly became 5! YEAH! This morning, it snowed! The flakes were HUGE! so I tried to take a picture to attempt a capture them ( look closely, They were even bigger than that!) . It has been so cold the last couple of days, that the snow remains fluffy and your fingers stick to any bare metal ( contact frost bite) Ah...Memories of Alaska.
In other news, Red ( the shop cat) seems to have come down with a minor ( hopefully) case of gingivitis. He has been having trouble eating lately and his gums are swollen and red on one side of his mouth. It obviously hurts him. I'm hoping that it is not to serious, and from what we have read on line, it seems rather common. ( though, new to us!) Well, I hate to see my big cuddly suffer so hopefully we can get an appointment and get him back on the" road to Wellville."


Handi said...


You are a Pet owner just as we are, I would like to offer you, well not offer lol, sounds like a Salesman lol, but give you the link to a Card that me and my Ole Lady uses for our pets.

Read over the site and see if it's for you, and see if your Vet takes it first, and if they do check into it, it's a Credit Card just for your Pets, with no intrest Rates.

What you put on the Card goes on the Card, but read more and see if it's for you, this saved us bundles of money outright for our pets, without it, we couldn't done what we have with ours, it's up to 500 Bucks, maybe more for different people. here is the link to that Credit Card, Consider it, our vet takes it and we can get meds, bills, food, etc from the vet with it, a live saver for the pet owner that's limited on money.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey, thanks, I know the card and we have it already. It's true that vet bills can creep up on you. It's nice to have something like that around.


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