Thursday, December 18, 2008

Owls, A cat dentist, and bird watching with red

I have noticed that Owls seem to be very "in" this year. Maybe they were even before, But I never seemed to notice much. I carved up an owl tonight, but that is rare that people want an owl toilet seat. Cheryl's store, however, seems to sell out of owls faster than any other item.

Yesterday we had to get up early and take Red to the vet. It was a long day. He does have a tooth problem and the vet seems rather confident that she can fix him up with a couple of "pulls." ( Meaning he's gonna lose some bad molars) We are going to take him and Hiro to the vet on the 23rd and pick them up on the 24th. Anyway, the timing is totally off now and Cheryl and I went to bed early ( 2am) and got up at the insane time of 12 noon today! I was able to catch a couple of birds with Red at our bedroom window. It is not as easy as I thought. The cat kept getting his head in the way and the birds were gone in a blink. I mostly caught a empty window sill. But I did manage to catch a couple worth posting. Red was sure to "help".

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otterwoman said...

I'm sure the popularity surge in owls has something to do with Harry Potter.


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