Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy weekend!

Ok, so two days of carving and I finally have a little time to post. Basically, I have been getting done with the seats at around 5 am for the last couple of days and have just not felt like blogging after it is all done. I have only enough energy to maybe watch a movie then head off to bed. so here is what you have missed. We ran out of boxes, the 32 seats are now gone! Cheryl's shop is almost totally out of stuff, and the temp has dropped from 45 to 12 degrees. Freezing the doors and windows of my car. Oh! and before I forget....think twice before ever putting stop leak into your radiator. It probably WON'T stop the leak but it WILL Stop your car from ever getting warm in the middle of winter. Just trust me on this, it's the stop leak, not the thermostat or any thing else.
People are beginning to panic as the big day approaches. Cheryl sewed up 21 wrist lets and has only a handful left after only two days! She was going to make more stockings, but after a little forward thinking, she estimated that they would not be listed in time for anyone to get them by Christmas. Better planning for next year, I guess. I discovered another ingenious plan to help me get more mileage out of my Dremel bits. It's very exciting, but I will have to blog about it later when I have pictures.


Estela said...

You two sound super busy! Which is better than not, right?!

Handi said...

Sup Bub!

I can see that you are really busy. i'm liking the seats.

I've not been busy, not had anymore sales just yet, still Disappointed about that, but hey what can you do?

So i been recording Video for my Podcasting. I got the First Video on my Blog of a Custom Polar Bear for a Friend of mine in Iowa.

Come check it out when you got the time to play! And come Follow it lol so you know of my Updates!

I have 3 Subscribers from feedburner mail updates, and 9 subscribers for the feed already and it's been only up and running for almost 2 weeks.



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