Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy Friday! Origami time! (Warning! Nudity!)

It snowed a LOT last night. about 12 inches! Luckily the snow plow guy actually plowed our side for a change. My poor mermaid gives you a hint of the depth. ( I should have carved her up with some clothes on....Brrrr!)

So with the holiday season winding down. We did a little organizing. Cheryl put up her stockings since most people are clearancing theirs and any stocking sold now will most likely not make it before Christmas. Seat sales have also dropped. I only sold one tonight. ( boo!) So I worked on a few more origami animals. I actually make these all the time when we go to the book store. I just fold and leave them. Maybe someone will find them enchanting enough to actually keep them. Can you guess what they are? To be fair, they are 3-D and I'm taking a 2-D shot of them. But I didn't want to clog the blog with redundant pictures.

1 comment:

Handi said...

Ethan: Nice Mermaid. Bet she's cold. Although they are Water Creatures, so maybe it's comfortable out there in the snow!

Nice folding also! I've done a Little in my time, but nothing that Good!



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