Monday, December 22, 2008

Dragonflies in winter?

So the last of the orders were sent out today and it looks highly unlikely that anything will go out before Christmas. First, there is ANOTHER winter storm warning tonight, second, almost everything will be closed early on the 23rd, totally closed the 24th and 25th. And last, we have to take two cats to the vet tomorrow. And it will take all day. chill out and get my mind off of stressful holiday things. I worked on some origami Insects. I attempted a dragonfly using the traditional blintz bird base ( think that is what it is called) The green one is the results and I was not 100% satisfied with the results. ( I think it looks more like a locust/ Flying grasshopper) So the second attempt I used a slightly different version of the blintz base and got this yellow one. Again, I think it looks more like a Hawk Moth than a Dragon fly. Since I'm just making them up as I go along. I don't really know where I'm going wrong. perhaps spend more time of the wings. Each one took a little over an hour to fold. So next I tried to make a walking stick but ended up with a rather cool looking beetle. My second attempt looked more like a weevil, so I shortened the snout and called it another beetle version. So now, I'm making a large hot chocolate with marshmallows to help me combat the cold. Cheryl spent a small fortune on this pretty Christmas tin of cocoa mix only to find out it has only three small servings worth in the tin! What a RIP! Then she does not even like the flavor. So now it is up to me to finish off the evidence . At least the tins are pretty. Hope your holidays are going well, and any stress you might have will not be overwhelming. If so, just sit back, fold some paper, and drink a huge cup of hot cocoa. (Perferably with a cookie)

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Handi said...

Ethan: Cool, Go sell them, those are cool.

I did happen to check out that Video, I've seen that before, that's been circulating around the internet for about 3 years or close to it anyway.



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