Friday, December 26, 2008

"Twas a Merry Christmas!

So Our Christmas was very good. The roads finally were clear enough to travel comfortably on. And the snow is melting now, causing some nasty fog, but at least it is war. So our cats had a good time opening their presents. Both Rasha and Hiro were the "kids" and had a good time with the presents as they were being opened. They had been playing with the presents well before Christmas. Nothing seems to be as fun to play in as a pile of wrapping paper. Later they all had a good time on the new cat pole, watching the birds come tot he window. I got the best gift this year. Something I could use and wanted for a while: a Scroll Saw! It was Cheryl's Grandfather's and I don't think he used it much. So he gate it to me! I warmed it up and made a few cuts tonight to get the hang of it. I don't plan on doing much "scroll work" but I was planning on using it for detail work on maybe some boxes I plan on making this coming year. I also found that it cuts nice dovetails, in case I ever want to use them. And last of all, the warm weather has brought out the possum to wish us some Christmas cheer. He's so cute and small. I tried to give him a little cat food but he scampered away before I could open the door. I'm sure he will be back though.


Clare said...

Wow, those cats look excited!

I love the picture of the possum, too. We've got a raccoon that comes to our back door, and I've got a similar picture of him looking in!

Handi said...

Ethan: You don't plan on using the "Scrol Saw" Much as you put it?

You better Re that and come on over to my Blog and check out what you can do with it an all.

And if you need blades for it Just holler, If it's an older one you may not be able to use the blades from Mikes workshop, cause he don't have Pinhead Blades. Just the Standard Blades.

Anyway, holler at me if you need any tips or something, OOOOOOOOOR, yo ucould just watch some of My Upcoming Podcast and all to learn how to do a few things on it! :)

Either way, i wil holler at you soon... it's almost 1am so I'm off to bed... Nite, and Great "Scrolling' Carving!



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