Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh boxes, where art thou?

Boxes did not come yet today, and Cheryl finally got the shipping E-mail that told her they should be delivered Jan 2! Ah the holidays landing in the middle of the week have proven to be quite a pain in the shipping department. It does not matter too much for me as I now have several days to "fine tune" my carving. As it was I was short one seat today. No matter! I have till Friday to get them all out. I only hope that the customers will realize that shipping has been screwed up these last two weeks and is slightly more patient. In other news, I was able to take pictures of some of Cheryl's new items for her shop. I think they will be a big hit. These new found days will also allow me to take better pictures of my seats. Most of the time I just pack them up straight from the shop. With the new website and image we are planning for the new year, we also wanted to take new pictures and perhaps, rethink some older designs for the seats. The new camera takes pictures four times better. I think you can tell the difference.
The two days of 50-60 degrees took most of the snow away. However, it is snowing now and we have regained about 2 inches. I would not mind it remaining mostly green for the rest of the winter. I'm rather fond of "global warming" if it means less snow and a longer growing time. But Michigan has a habit of dumping snow on ya at least several times each winter. Hopefully not as bad as last week.

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Handi said...


Is she selling them Gray Hairs?

Oh wait, you are talkin bout the Owl in her Hair, That's neat...

Kidding, Don't tell her I seen them, she may kick my Hinie rofl



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