Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas rush for Cyber Monday

Hiro, the kitten, has inspected our Christmas tree and ensured that I put it together properly. Now on to the big stuff! Despite it snowing ...A LOT! today, We managed to sell 14 seats! I carved up 7 tonight and have at least 7 for tomorrow. We still suffer from the elongated problem. Cheryl had a brilliant idea to mark them up to $120.00 and offer them to whoever is willing to pay for us to find them. I might be interested then. The new snow made the roads very slick. It helps if your tired are not bald. I'll have to make an appointment with Cheryl's brother to put on some newer tires on soon! How was your Cyber Monday?


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


What's up carvin Man?

Seems like you are pullin some Revanue out there!

Just dropped in to say hi and see how things were going. I don't know if you got the info on my last post on "ALOTAT Blog" But I'm seperating the blog and now got a brother blot called "Handi's Workshop"

I've decided to keep all of my Projects and Woodworking Seperate from my This and That Blog, it will make it easier for me.

And I thought I would drop off the link and let you decide if you wanted to move on over there or stay on the other one, or watch both of them, yer call!


I will be doing some Broadcast here real soon, sometime this week if you are interested in checking it out, on Handi's Workshop, And I'm thinking of doing some Broadcasting just for funny or stupid stuff on ALOTAT since I got two Shows now and 2 blogs, this will keep me busy and give me something to do.


Estela said...

I wish I had a kitty hiding in my Christmas tree!!
Congrats on all the sales!

Jennifer said...

Cyber Monday wasn't a big hit...your kitty in the tree is so cute and I see a Kokopelli seat..love it!


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