Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New seats!

Things have slowed down a bit over the last couple of days. Yesterday I only had three and then tonight only one. I don't know what the reason for it is, but I'm hoping it passes soon. There are still a couple of weeks before Christmas and that should be enough time to have them delivered by the 24th. Yesterday it snowed then rained then snowed again. Sloppy, slippery roads were the standard of the day, And I helped the neighbor get his 4X4 truck unstuck from the snow drift across the road. Loads of fun! ( brings back memories from my jeep days) And to top things off, We have had several Snafu's over the last couple of days. A customers bounced check ( ouch!), An order that never paid, But still wants her item 2 months after she ended it ( good bye $12 in fees!) an Angry customer who insists that one of the plastic bumpers on the seat was installed wrong. And the usual suspects of bargain hunters wanting us to send them seats for less than it COSTS us to make! Business as usual! But on a lighter note, I was able to carve up a couple of prototype seats over the last couple of days. A stylized owl, a yellow headed blackbird, and a Lucky cat. I have been trying to find the new trend lately, since realistic wildlife seems to be taking a down cycle. I'll have to just hope for the best.


em said...

That white kitty is so cute!


The seats look fab!! I still love wildlife... particularly sea life. We have snow here too, fun, fun, fun! :0)

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Sounds like everyday business to me dude.

No one is ever happy with anything, you do your best to come out with a Great product to make yourself happy, then you get the Dumbas people that has something to say about it, not being what they like or something, but YET, they buy it.

What's up with that? Always someone that messes it up for someone else. Not right.

Keep up the great work, keep up your head and take no Shit from anyone!



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