Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carvin' Saturday.

Back to work. There were 10 seats to carve up. plus a couple more to prep for shipping. I carved up only 6 tonight though. We are running low on boxes and some of them are "replacement elongateds" so they might have to wait till Tuesday to ship. Its all good now that the holidays are past. We will assume our usual shipping regime once more. I carved up a couple of odd ones ( ones that do not sell often) The yellow lab I carved up for someone who never bought it. It languished in our inventory for months until someone finally bought it. I did not even know Cheryl re listed it, But finally someone bought it a second time. Coming this new year, I'm going to go through my catalog of designs and thin out the herd. Possibly adding a few new ones, and improving some old ones. Can't wait!


nuvonova said...

Oh my! WOW! I've never seen, or never thought I'd ever say, how beautiful those toilet seats are!

(P.S. The link to show your carved toilet seats isn't working)

nuvonova said...

(not to worry, I went to look in your etsy shop instead)

Handi said...

Ethan: I think if you mixed and matched the Labs you may be Suprised of the results.

Say a Brown lab or maybe a Chocolate Lab. I like the Brown or Chocolate Lab better then i do the others.

Maybe Make a few Ply Seats with Fantasy "Wizards, Dragons, Faries, Wood Faries, Tree Faries", Griffins, Maybe throw a harry Potter seat in ROFL.

Anyway, Really Nice work Bro, keep it up! i will be Looking for a Wolf one At my Door for my Birthday! Or an eagle one either way, I like Both ROFL.

Kidding, Great work thou, i really Dig it...

You been tryin them Ply seats yet to see if they are up for the market?


Hey Harriet said...

I love that Lab design. It's adorable!


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