Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Red and Hiro's Vet visit during snow storm!

Yesterday, was the big vet visit to Grand Rapids and what better day to schedule it than during a huge snow storm. Its only 45 minutes away and yet we had to take 2 hours both ways two times!. ( total of 8 hours on the road!) I must admit that going only 30-45 mph on the highway is better than being pulled out of a ditch. It continues to snow even now and the warning is not set to expire till 1 am! It is now a sloppy wet heavy snow that is even worse than the white out fluffy of yesterday. According to the weatherman, We have gotten over 4.5 FT of snow thus far... and even more by the lake shore ( where we live) We currently have about 24 inches in our front yard, but it is melting a little now. On a brighter note, Red's teeth were just fine! He just needed a good cleaning, No cavities or tooth loss. Hiro was bouncing around so much on his pain medication that you would not even know he had gotten fixed. So both the cats are back to normal or even better.

Since I have been taking a small vacation from carving this week. ( this IS supposed to be a blog about carving after all..) I worked on my stag beetle and I'm actually impressed with how it turned out. First: It started out and ended looking pretty much like I wanted it too, (instead of starting out a grasshopper and ending up a butterfly) Second, It looks pretty good, not sloppy folding. I wanted to show off several angles so you can get the full effect. I still have to master the walking stick. ( my second attempt looks more like a scorpion! ) I'll show that off later. Other than that...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas day.

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Handi said...

Ethan: Very nice work. The cats will be happier also, less scratching, less dominace.



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