Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best way to Eat Bluegills. Fillets!

Ok, I hope everyone is not bored of the bluegill thing yet because I finally have something that I like to talk about and all these topics keep bouncing around in my brain. So What is the best way to eat Bluegills? I know that some of you are thinking there is a recipe that follows, however! The best way to eat bluegills is one right after the other. And the only way to truly enjoy them that way is to have them with out any bones in them. Let's face it: No one likes to pick bones out of their fish! So you are now asking, " How do you get the bones out of such a small fish?" Where it may be true that bluegills are often small, I have used this technique on fish as small as 5 inches! ( yes a potato chip sized fillet is all you get...but they fry up so tasty!) So here is a YouTube video of someone who cleans them the same way I do. The ribs remain on the fish and the fillets are clean and boneless! Enjoy!

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L. D. Burgus said...

I have done a lot of pike and a few walleye but never a bluegill.


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