Sunday, October 10, 2010

So where do you start with Bluegill aquaculture?

I know it seems like the simple question that is the most complex. But the reality might be something that is no where close to the question. First you might think you need water, fish, food, etc. All the things that are needed to grow and sustain the fish themselves. However, I think it might be something else that has little to do with the growing of the fish. The market! That is right, I am wondering if the demand is that will ultimately determine the future of Bluegills as a farm raised product. I've been told by the Ohio guys from Blue Ribbon Fish Farms that the demand is there and they need growers to meet it. This is good, but then I talk to farmers in Iowa and they don't believe it is feasible to grow a fish to production weight where it would be profitable ( It's all about profit! There is no point in doing something if you cant get something in return for your trouble.) After talking to the Blue ribbon Fish farm, I learned that there is a wonderful government bureaucracy messing up the free flow of live fish across state borders. So fish produced in Iowa can't be shipped ( without lots of red tape and expense,that is, It CAN be done.) to Ohio where they could be processed for food. The alternative is to make a processor here in Iowa that will cut the fish and package and distribute them to the various markets. However, that would mean that the entire supply of fish would have to come from Iowa to meet the food demand. What a MESS! Well, I'm still looking into it, and I don't want this post t be too long. I guess I just don't have much else to blog about today.

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L. D. Burgus said...

I don't know who is protecting who when they have laws like that. I suppose they are concerned about the wrong fish getting moved to another state. If we could eat this koi that they are trying to exterminate we would all be rich.


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