Friday, October 22, 2010

Ever wonder why more people do not write?

Because it is so easy it is hard. Does that make sense? I once heard from a successful writer that the secret to writing is an iron butt! I see the genius in that statement. Writing takes time. And the other day, even thought I thought I was trucking right along, I lost 6 hours! Lost? I should say it too 6 hours to write 9 pages of dialog. Of coarse I'm not the fastest typist, however, I'm no slouch. And then you actually have to think about what you are writing. Anyway. This Playwright idea could take some time And I'm not sure I'm going to plow right though it. There are moments of inspiration that simply must get put down on paper. Perhaps in a later post, I'll give a heads up as to what I'm writing about. As for is a hint as to where it is going...

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