Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is that strange tree in our yard?

Being from the Midwest and Michigan on top of that, I thought I had seen just about every tree in the US. At least I could get an identification in the ball park, saying it is a maple, oak, pine or spruce tree. However, there was this tree when we first got here that has puzzled me. I have never seen anything like it ( ok, I know there are Lots of trees..but we are not in the Rain forest here) Finally I got a hint of what it might be, and after confirming it online, I'm now sure we have a CYPRUS tree here in our side yard. I always thought that Cyprus trees grew in Florida! But apparently one found it's way here ( probably planted by one of the previous property owners) and it seems to flourish in the Iowa weather. The squirrels seem to enjoy eating the round cones it has dangling off each little pine bough. So, there it is, a question that I was curious about for the past few months. Any exotic trees in your area?

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