Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marketing Bluegill as a food fish.

So! How can this be done? It would seem that most people already know of bluegill and many might have even tried it. Yet why are they not harassing their local grocery store to carry them in their fish department? There were a number of studies that I believe were flawed in their results. ( check out page 7 of the study for the conclusion) Their conclusion was that there was a market for walleye but not for bluegill. The flaw I believe was that they were gathering their data from sportsmen at a wildlife banquet. Fishermen have probably already tried bluegill and either prefer other fish or have their own way of preparing them. Basically, they are connoisseur ( or fish snobs! ) My idea of selling bluegills is to let the fish sell themselves. That is let people sample them with the simplest recipe ( rolled in flour and fried in butter) in the grocery store that they are available. You have all seen them in your local grocery before; Selling chicken or pork by allowing customers to sample a prepared piece. And even if you did not go right over and purchase a half pound of the item right then. It at least put the idea out there that the fish is not awful! My mother-in-law is one example of not being familiar with fish or how to cook it. Start the ball rolling small to create a little buzz. It might take a while, but eventually people will grow accustomed to it.

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