Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy days in Iowa!

It's so windy here that there is an advisory on the HIGHWAY! The crosswinds apparently blow trucks over onto their sides. ( we have seen this not once...but twice!) All I know is that the winds are Strong enough to blow pieces of my car off! Now it might be true that the Subie is an old-ish car, but when the wind blows off cosmetic stuff that is hooked in a aerodynamically sealed. well lets just say that one takes notice. The task now is to find a way to put it back on and keep it on. The wind has not died down, so I have a while before I try anything. Cheryl suggests some epoxy that is slow to set up. I can't simply reattach it because all the plastic screws are broken. I'll keep you posted with updated pics when I figure it out. ( sorry....No Duct tape!)

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