Monday, October 25, 2010

Origami for the Christmas Rush!

So the Christmas rush is already rearing it's crazy head and to prepare for it, I have been working on the Origami "thank you's" That accompany each package. I'm not sure the number at the moment, and some have already been sent out, but I'm thinking about 300 have been made at the time of this writing. The designs consist of a number of variations of the crane as well as the origami frog that I have become quite fond of. Cheryl has also enlisted me to make a few "large" sculptures for the walls. Although the paper was much thicker than I was used to, I think it turned out pretty cool . It is also holding it's shape well without any additional glue, tape or pins. Now Cheryl wants a whole flock of them! I must say that even though the larger, heavier paper is interesting to work with, it still is a challenge and takes considerably longer to make the design. I have to Iron the creases and there is always the danger of the thicker paper ripping from the stress of the heavy folds. I want to see how the tree frog will handle the strain heavy paper and I'm very interrested in seeing how it will look. I'll see how far I get when we get the resources to make some more. I'll also post the pics!

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