Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Mysterious case of a Dead Squirrel.

So just when I thought I was running out of things to blog about. Fate hands me a mystery that no one short of Sherlock Holmes would have found intriguing. The facts: We come home and there is a dead grey squirrel in the driveway. They mystery: How did it get there? We certainly did not run it over and our driveway is certainly not a speed trap. Was he run over by a car? As I got out i noticed that he was still in one piece. That is: he was not squished all over. So being hit by a car seemed like an unlikely scenario. Now the theories begin. There are a number of healthy squirrels running around so I'm sure it was not a sickness that came. And there was no sign of any trauma. That is: No mauling by a dog, cat or large bird could be seen. Cheryl urged me to go inside where I noticed that the clocks were all set back to 12:00. Had there been a power failure? Well Cheryl pointed out that the clock by the bed was still on the proper time. Ah well. I went back outside to show Red the shop cat the mysterious corpse. As we both looked at it ( Red tapped it a little with his paw) I noticed that it looked like his tail was "scorched. you know how it looks when hair catches on fire but does not burn completely? Well I look up and see a power line about 20 feet away and off to the left. If he had been electrocuted, he had been blown off about 20 ft! I have seen the squirrels running along that line before and they never got shocked, I began to think that it was a freak occurrence. Perhaps he just fell. When I told Cheryl of my new findings she said that she noticed several other clocks that had been reset. and remembered that the bedroom clock had a battery to prevent it from losing the time. So Now the theory was taking hold. The squirrel fried himself, got blown off the pole/wire into the middle of our driveway and temporarily disconnected the power to our house. Poor guy! But it didn't see m to effect the other squirrels. We still have plenty running around.

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