Friday, October 1, 2010

The Coralville Mall Carousel

The carver in me just won't go away I guess. And even thought I don't practice it myself, I still appreciate it when I see it. The Carousel in the mall is one such example. Now I'm not so sheltered to believe that this one is made out of actual wood horses. I'm not 100 % but I'm betting that they are fiberglass or plastic because they tend to be more durable AND Everyone should know that wood is difficult to maintain. This with the fact that the original wooden horse carousels are highly prized by collectors and museums now that they are worth more sold separate than kept as a functioning ride. Regardless, they are still neat to look at and I know that they were all patterned off of an original prototype that was carved by some master woodcarver years ago. So after snapping a few pics of a few of the really cool ones, Cheryl and I headed to Panera to have a bagel and blog/etsy some stuff. My latest origami is a small Victorian table. I know it is not an animal or a bug, but I felt a little adventurous. I think it turned out pretty good even with the small claw feet. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


L. D. Burgus said...

That is a beautiful carousel. We have one in the southridge mall but it isn't that fancy.

Jonathon Beauchamp said...

Hello, I am the creator of this Dentzel style carousel. I hand carved all the scenery as patterns for vacuum forming. The master molds were carved from 1985-1987. There are 100's of these carousels all over the world. I created a number of designs including the "Americana" at Mall of America. Most of the animals are from molds taken off antique wooden ones, then retooled. The most beautiful one I created was the one for Michael Jackson in 1990.


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