Thursday, October 14, 2010

Panera Origami and How a Cat trains YOU!

I know that there are times when I brag that I have taught the cats how to do various tricks, similar to a dog. You know: Roll over, speak, open the door, climb the tree. However, I'm beginning to believe that the cats are actually training me! Case in point: Red the shop cat. He loves to climb trees and from time to time I take him outside so he can let his inner monkey run wild. However, there are times when he climbs some trees that are a little taller than he can handle. That is to say; the lower branches are too far from the ground. Now I KNOW he is not stranded because cats can fall off a 10 story building and survive. But I don't want my favorite cat to get hurt so how do i get him down without serious injury? I have done this before where I hold up his favorite chair and he jumps into it. Now he EXPECTS me to do it! I believe that he gets stuck up those tall trees on purpose and will wait until I bring out the chair. Cheryl finds it entertaining. On a side note, I'm getting better at the frog origami at Panera. The paper that I have been using is pretty good for them and they are fun to make. The Panera employees love them too!


Linda B said...

I'm writing a book subtitled how cats train us. May I use part of your article?

Linda B.

L. D. Burgus said...

I teach an Asian Sunday School and if I would throw out paper each week they would just fold away and have such a great time. Great looking frog.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Sure thing Linda B! Feel free to use as much as you need. Hopefully I won't look too much like a puppet for my cat...hehe

Thanks Larry! I've been working on the frog for a while trying to perfect it. It looks much better than my earlier versions. IF you can find them, I'm sure I posted them on this blog in their prototype phase. Maybe you can see the improvement when you fold the same thing over and over again.


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