Monday, September 15, 2008

2 Sales! But I worked on the bed project.

Sold 2 tonight! They came too late to do today, So I worked on the head board of the bed. The seats were horse and Deer head. Anyway, I worked on the headboard today because we started the day off with no sales! I tired to fix the stain and router out the setting for the carving into the background board. I took a few pics to show what a mess I made. Plus, to any other woodworkers who have this "snobbishly clean" idea of how all wood shops should look like. I like to show people what a wood shop that actually works looks like.

Here is what the board looks like with the panel area router ed out.
Here is how the carving will set into the board. I didn't have enough clamps that would reach over the board to cinch down the panel for the glue up. So I had to get creative with the glue up using a couple of old wood clamps from Grandpa's old shop. I also stained up the borders to "hide" the white parts of the pine board. I will eventually paint it black so the stain does not really matter, It's just to make sure that the thick paint won't leave small white pockets of wood. Kind of like a primer.



I love your work, it's so unique, you are very talented. Wood shop looks fantastic, as does your Etsy shop. Wishing you many sales :0)

TheresaJ said...

I love photos showing the process. Again, your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Incredible work! I love to see where and how people work, it's so interesting and impressive, how much effort goes into everything.

shells said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your carvings are amazing! I've never seen anything like that before :)


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