Monday, September 22, 2008

Frantic Sunday

Well, It happens from time to time where I let everything pile up to Sunday night. We had a birthday party yesterday and came home exhausted so I didn't carve. Today I had to carve only three seats and they were fairly simple. But I had to repair some others and those always have surprises written all over them. Regardless, They are all carved up and waiting for their second coat of poly before I can go to bed. Tomorrow, We will need to take pictures for etsy so we will have to get up early for the afternoon sunlight. Tonight I had my wife and cat help me paint up. and I am working on a new seat. a Heraldic lion. I don't know if the color is just right yet, so I have not put a coat of poly on it with the other seats. I'll have to add a couple more coats of gold to it to see and I want a darker stain. So I might tint up the stain a bit.


shells said...

I like the lion :)
I just read the previous post as well - I'm sorry you had to go through that! But I guess it's part of dealing with people - not all of them are going to be nice and reasonable :/

Jennifer said...

The lion looks great! That customer in the last post...oh my! It was actually helpful to read though!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Thanks guys, my wife feels better now knowing other people empathies. I will post later the finished lion. I like the way it is turning out. its slightly darker stain.


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