Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bd customer returns! again!

Well, If you read the post from a couple of days ago, You will not that a bad customer has bought something from us and when we tried to correct his problem, he left negative feedback and got nasty. Well he is still at it. He posted another negative feedback. This time for the horse seat that he said "I was sent my horse toilet seat and it looks great. The color of the seat and the color of the lid are the same." He is angry because my wife did not respond to his negative feedback nor did she leave him any...negative or positive. So he vented with a negative on a totally unrelated item. Since Ebay is now becoming insane with it's feedback system, and since this guy blows our 99% positive, We became a little concerned and Cheryl wrote Ebay about the "Abuses" in feedback. namely, it is prohibited that anyone leave negative feedback for an item in relation to a separate transaction. Hopefully Ebay will correct the abuse and we will get our percentage back up there. ( in case you didn't know, you lose a 15% discount if you lose your powerseller. GRRR!) On a brighter note, we sold three seats tonight and an Echeck will clear on an Etsy sale tomorrow. I still have 6 seats where we are awaiting payment. Tonight I finished the Heraldic lion seat and polyed it up. The light in my room is dimmer in thie picture and I added stain to tone down the gold a bit. I like it! Cheryl and I also worked on our soap tonight and made three batches. Fingers are crossed that they will be ready by the holiday season.


Estela said...

oh man!! I'm sorry you and your wife have to deal with these type of customers! I read about the other bad customer yesterday and I was just peeved! haha I hope you get your percentage back up soon!!
Oh, and your wife handled it professionally(on the last one)!

Amber Dawn said...

oh my I just keep hearing horror stories about ebay! I hope you get it resolved.
I love your toilet seats. What a beautiful incentive to PUT THE SEAT DOWN! LOL.

Debra said...

I hope things work out with the Ebay feedback.
I am glad you are doing great on Etsy, I love your work.

Anonymous said...

I wish the people who are angry about whatever just stay away from the public. Your work is beautiful and this person needs therapy. Wishing you only happy customers.


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