Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh No! Mismatched stain!

Well I just realized , after finally putting the headboard and foot board together than I have made a"small" mistake. I stained the head board the wrong color! BAAa ..I'm not too worried as I can still stain it again and hopefully reach a color that is close to the foot board. And since they will not be right on top of each other they are in this picture, at the moment, I might have a small variation on stain shade that could be passed off as shadow. Now before any woodworkers out there start bashing me with the "you should know better' speech. Let me just say that this project started several months ago ( when I had money and time) and has been shelved pretty much all summer for lack of the above two reasons. Anyway, I'll be heading back into my shop in a sec to see if the seats are done drying with the first coat and the second is ready.

1 comment:

TheresaJ said...

Your work is amazing. Perhaps nobody would even notice the difference in stains if you don't point it out...


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