Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 sales! but no seats....

Hey everyone! Well we sold two more seats tonight: a unicorn and a bear head. I probably have not mentioned this yet, but I hate Lowes. They have been out of seats for over a week now and they constantly change seats with no warning. We can't even offer elongated seats anymore because they do not carry them. The only alternative is Wal-Mart. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has pretty good solid oak seats. they are a dream to carve in because oak chips instead of "fluffs" ( woodworkers might know what I mean there) Anyway, there is nothing quite like the feel of smoothly sanded , unfinished oak on your hands. It's just like silk. I was only able to score one seat from Wal=mart tonight but we will be going to Holland Mi. Tomorrow and pilfer their stash. One thing about Wal is the need to open and check them out for any defects before you buy them. So tonight I worked on the brown trout seat and took a few pics of the process. I will still need to poly it when the paint drys. It should be ready for shipping by tomorrow.

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