Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 sales! finally done!

It's a good thing I didn't post anything Sunday afternoon, because it could have been depressing. But late on Sunday, We got paid for two more seats making a total of three for tonight. I just carved them up and I'm waiting to finish them. There are still have three seats that were ended by people but they have yet to pay. Three seats over one weekend is still not very good but it is still better than only one! Each one is a blessing. Anyway, the two that were added on were old ones That I have not done in a while. Catfish and pine cone. Cheryl thinks that I somehow manipulated the universe to sell the Catfish since we have only sold it twice and it is ( I believe) a great seat. Yesterday, while putting up the Flikr site, I stumbled upon it in the dusty archives of our computer and mentioned that I always thought that would be a better seller..."cause it's so awesome!" Well, Miracle of miracle! We sold it today! I doubt I had anything to do with it physically or spiritually. but it happens more often that you would guess that we get these coincidences. Anyway, I'll be brushing up on the flickr pics again and hopefully Cheryl can use them for her grand scheme of getting noticed on the World Wide Web! Here's the flickr site :

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Victoria Ann said...

Wow, your work is amazing , and you must be a speedy carver , two in one day!!!! I also love the bed headboard.
You are a skilled craftsman!

mad boo


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