Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy day!

Well, I carved up a total of 6 seats tonight! YEAH! We sold four late yesterday and two this morning, so I lumped them all together. I took this opportunity to also buy new bits for the dremels, some stain, and some clamps for my dust collector. All minor things that are just thorns in my side but I always seem to forget when I finally get to the store. Or I have no money and have to make choices. Was a good day, and nice to be truly busy on work and not have to find some other project to put my energy into. Oh! thanks to all those that commented on yesterdays post. We have not heard back from ebay, and it seems the guy's second post did NOT effect our rating. ( the first one did, but I'm willing to eat that one) Last night my wife was ready to go nuclear. ( I mean lawyers, slander, banishment from Ebay, nuclear.) She has settled down now thanks to all your support. I hesitate to go all "civil Action" on someone. Too much energy, But she was! And I almost felt bad for him. I wanted to respond to his negative feedback with a "thanks for the Publicity, We sold 11 seats since your rants" But she advised me not to give him the opportunity to re-reply. I don't mean to take Ebay's side or make Ebay sound bad in all this. To be honest, Most of our sales are on ebay and go through smoothly. They are having a bad year also and seem to be doing things that may tick people off but hopefully will make Christmas season better than ever. ( fingers crossed) I do think they are leaning a little hard against the sellers and giving buyers an upper hand. But no one is forcing me to stay there. (Hence, Etsy , website, and maybe in 2009....Amazon!)Best to diversify a little so you're not all balanced on one leg.


Katie Lyons said...

I had to read your other post too to see what you were talking about and I can't believe it! How incredibly frusterating. I hope ebay fixes that for you.
By the way, your seats are gorgeous! Can't believe you did 6 last night! But I suppose you have to keep up with the demand your negative feedback caused, lol ;)

Walk in the Woods said...

WOW - busy indeed. Very busy ... and inspired too, eh?

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Thanks for the support. It seems unethical to bite the hand that feeds you, SO I hesitate to beat up on Ebay. They do manage to make sales for us. and I guess you have to take the good customers witht he bad. I just hope our other customers realize this from his posts.

Sara Walker said...

raipsca and
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