Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy Monday! 7 seats carved!

Well, We sold 7 today ( actually 8)! WOOHOO! soo many in fact that I could not complete them all. Even with Cheryl's help. See, even though we had seats in stock, we sold elongated ones. which meant we still had to go out of them. So I didn't get to carving until almost 9:30. Basically 4:00 am is the cut off. If they are not done and polyed by then, they will not be dry enough to be able to be shipped the next day. So most of the seats are almost done, and they will be easy to finish tomorrow. I'll snap a picture then so we can see what the room looks like when it is overflowing with drying seats!. As for tonight, I'm heading right to bed after posting....

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