Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lazy Friday, But not quite!

Today Is our usual day of rest so I didn't carve up any seats. nor did we look for any. Instead, we bought some supplies at Joann Fabrics ( for Cheryl) While I entertained three kids ( actually 4 and one adult) with my wonderful origami skills! It was actually kinda fun. The kids were well behaved and the adult was convinced that origami was the new drug for hyper active kids! (she said they have never been this quiet this long) After Jo' We headed to the book store where Cheryl did more research on soap and other creative ideas. No coffee today, The line at Starbucks was kinda long and I was not really looking forward to the caffeine hit. Then onto home, We whipped up a batch of soap to try out my new mold (seems to work great!) and I finished the headboard and we both painted it. Since space was limited, we had to take it into the garage for painting. Looks like it will be at least a two perhaps three day project. On a brighter side, We sold two more seats tonight! YEAH! So tomorrow will most likely be spent tracking those down and carving them up ( total of 5 at the moment) Praying for more. as always. I also carved up a small stamp. it has our logo on it and Cheryl actually thinks it is really good. I think I could have done better myself. Next time I think I will carve it out of pure wood instead of linoleum.

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