Friday, September 26, 2008

Too much for one day!

Well this doesn't happen very often but we actually sold too many for me to complete in one day! not a bad problem to face actually. Before I make it sound like we sold this huge amount, the fact is we sold 6. not too shabby for a days worth of carving. and if I had the seats, I could have carved them all up tonight. But alas! all our suppliers are out at the moment ( we cleaned them all out) and we could only score two seats. So I put the two seats that we sold last night and made them first priority. Now I am starting the weekend 4 seats behind and no seats to do them on. Basically, our Friday will most likely be spend driving around trying to find them and any adiditional seats until our stores get replenished. I also build a mold for our soaps and I plan on working on our bed this weekend. It's about time that that project be done! All it needs is a couple of coats of black paint and touch up on the bird posts. We'll see how far I get this weekend.. Hopefully the sales will continue and I will, once again, have to put that on hold.

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