Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bird houses, flying horses, and a helpful cat!

So tonight I worked on getting rid of even more of my scrap wood in the form of some small birdhouses. We have quite a few chickadees and titmouse's around here. I thought the small pieces of wood I have left over would be perfect for these types of houses. I also made a Owl house out of one of the last carved panels. I might have enough wood left over for one more. I have not made up my mind on whether I want to paint it yet. Maybe the owls will like color! With the night still young, I worked on finishing the inserts for the boxes. Red, the shop cat, offered to help. In fact, he couldn't wait! He was pushing at my door the moment the tool sounds had died down. This is how he "helps". Stand in the box, and look up at Ethan... Isn't he the cutest?? I wanted to give the origami bugs a break and work on another version of a Pegasus. I think it turned out pretty good. Oh! and before I forget. Cheryl wanted me to say something about her new wristlets. I think they look even better than her felt ones. She wanted to create something for spring and the felt does not seem to be "In" I can't wait to see how these things are going to fly off the shelves!


MackTheKnife said...

Our cat, Truffles, likes to help me on the computer by crawling into my lap and making me shift the laptop to the arm of my chair, thus ensuring that I get a stiff neck and a sore shoulder. Luckily he doesn't like walking through wood chips, so I'm safe (him too) while carving.

RhiannonSTR said...

i love the wristlet wallets and toilet seats. Colorful and unique. Keep bein' you.
My dog is trying to sit on my lap as I write this - and he is not small! I feel ya.


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