Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheryl's table.

Well I dove into another project tonight and only got a small ways into it. I made the mistake of trying to "improve" a design of Cheryl's so I would not look like the Red Green Handy man special. But in the end, I just should have bought some milk crates and duct taped them together! A word to the wise. Don't let your wife peek in on the half done project. I shouldn't get too grumpy, It was late and I was tired and I needed to rethink a couple of items. I can probably finish it tomorrow. Oh! And I got a new Craftsman Shop Vac today. It's identical to the old one. and the best part that I discovered was the the old one is STILL under warranty! We'll see how Sears handles the paperwork. ( Hey! I Did Spring for the extended plan....) I'll let ya know how it goes If I can talk Cheryl into letting me go there on Saturday. Have a great Weekend!

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