Sunday, March 22, 2009

Carving weekend.

I carved up 6 seats tonight, But it was too late to paint them. It just makes my Sunday that much easier. Besides, we only have 4 boxes left and even though Cheryl ordered more tonight, they will not arrive until Tuesday. Regardless, I'm happy they are carved up. And our supplier has a nice stock of seats! ( well, it was kinda a slow week for us, that may be the reason there are so many left over) My shop layout seems to be working well! The fans control the dust and circulate the air nicely. My latest origami creation is a wasp! I really like the way it turned out. The base is the same as the Pegasus from a previous post. ( don't know the name of it off hand) My shop cat took some time out from my shop and decided to hang out in Cheryl's. He was with me for an hour, while I drew on the designs. But when the tools began to roar, he heads for quieter sleeping grounds. Cheryl's fabric basket! And since it is kinda a small post tonight. Here is Nightlife! the 1996 Quartet Champions. Listen to the Bass, You will know why...

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MackTheKnife said...

Nice wasp! Though I think the term "yellow jacket" would be more appropriate. :)


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