Monday, March 9, 2009

Carving on daylight savings time!

A total of 7 seats tonight! YEAH! And now for the bad news, First, We were shocked and appalled when we found out that the store that supplies our seats raised their prices $2! The closest store raised it $3! ( can you say goodbye to profits!) Well, not goodbye,,,,but it will cut in to them. We took almost all year to finally raise our price to where we were getting into the black. Now we will have to gradually creep the price up once again. The second bad news is that I broke my Guenevere. That is the hand sanding unit that fits onto a bench grinder. I use it to remove old finish and sand small boxes and carvings. It works great because it is gentle on the carving. Well, that's $70 gone! I was wobbling ever since I first got it and I guess it just finally broke cleanly off. I have rigged up my WeCheer as a substitute for the moment. The cats have finally warmed up to the new cat furniture. ( Ethan 3, Cheryl Zero!) Cheryl has been threatening to move the new pole out into the garage or outside and bring back the old ragged one. It was finally sealed when I got Cheryl's cat to join the crowd! As for Red, who has been most supportive, He still remains my shop cat and sleeps on the table saw whenever I'm in my workshop painting.


Glitzer said...

Absolutely great work! Love your pictures, especially the post with the cat in it! Very cute!

Estela said...

That's a bummer about the seats!

The cats are adorable!


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