Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday mayhem!

I took a big bite of work tonight and carved up 10...that's right, 10 seats! By the time I got finished sanding and staining them, It was almost 1:00 am. Cheryl helped paint a bit and we decided to quite around 4 am. So I'm very happy with our progress and quite exhausted. We will finish them up tomorrow and hopefully the boxes will come. I'm hoping sales continue for the rest of the week at this pace seeing as we have bills to pay. Be were able to pay a big one with this small bonanza! YEAH! Well, I'm rather tired so I'll just make this post short. Here is one of my favorite Barbershop groups. Vocal Spectrum. They were the 2006 national champs I believe. My favorite set is the one with "the street where you live". Listen to the tenor...

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RitaSmeeta said...

Oh nooooees!! I still haven't seen that movie and was kind of excited about it too... ah well :P


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