Sunday, March 15, 2009

Craftsman tools are the best!

I didn't post this yet, but on Wednesday, I took the old burned up shop vac back to Sears with our warranty. They took it back! No questions asked! We just showed them the paper and POOF! We got a new vacuum. It's too bad we didn't look up[ the warranty BEFORE we purchased one. But now we have two new ones and I'm sure I will find a use for both of them. I kinda felt bad since I put that shop vac through a torture test that I'm sure most manufacturers do not intend it for. But I did pay for the extended warranty. And under normal use ( any use UNDER 3-5 hours a day every day for two years Is what I would think is "normal" ) The vacuum would hold up swimmingly. In other news, Cheryl painted the end tables and it totally in love with them. She wanted to shine them up with some poly or gloss paint, but could not wait to put them to use in the living room right away. I'm thrilled because after the cat pole, she was not sure she wanted to give me another project. Only one piece left in the living room before I get to move on to my shop furniture! ( YEAH!) Oh! and I broke out the scroll saw and cut Cheryl's butterfly for her cabinet doors. I have to say that scroll sawing is not as easy as it may look. I've never been much of one to "stay in the lines" but it is quite a challenge even with a scroll saw. I think it turned out pretty good but then again, it was pretty simple. I'm just happy I can use a scroll saw instead of a jigsaw

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Ethan: not a bad job on the Scroll Sawing Dude...

It's not all that hard to scroll Saw... As long as no one seens the pattern, you are good as gold on the work lol.

Keep up the great work. If you need any tips, holler at me, I can throw a few your way!



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