Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday night Misc.

Tonight was one of those nights where you just hang out in your shop and wonder what you can do to improve things. Well, after cleaning things up, sorting things out, and putting stuff away. I decided to implement some new air filtration strategy. I did a Little research on line last night and found an Idea I could put into practice. I put the two fans up close to the ceiling so they were out of the way and have better access to filter the air. The benefit is that they are now off the floor. I liked it so much, I experimented by putting my vacuum up there. ( still don't know if I will like that as well. But it does free up even more floor space! I also worked on another owl house and several more small bird houses. Nothing too fancy, but they did clear up even more scrap wood. I even worked on some dovetail joinery. There was no point, I was just practicing. I still have a ways to go for a tight fit, but at least they look a little better. ( I could just buy a jig for the router, but where would be the fun in that? Besides, I'm a starving artist! Who has money for all those fancy gizmos?)


MackTheKnife said...

What? You clean up your shop? Where's the fun in that? You won't have your significant other complaining. You won't have to vacuum the cat every time he walks out of the shop. You won't have to do some creative rearranging to get work done. Boy, I'm glad most of my work is done in the living room!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Don't get me wrong, My room is a mess MOST of the time. I clean it up maybe once a week, or when I have nothing else to do for the day. It rarely stays clean for long....( thankfully) A messy shop is a busy one, and I like staying busy....a busy shop is a profitable one! And I like ( need) money!


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