Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Painting

Finished painting the seats tonight and already I have 7 seats for tomorrow! YEAH! Cheryl's shop has also been doing well. I may have to carve them up if we continue to sell since The number may surpass my max number of carvings for one day. These seats were rather challenging since there are all the colors. I love the way they turn out each time though. Oh! And Red, the shop cat, gets a lot of attention, but we do have two other cats that sometimes make an appearance. Rasha, the other shop cat, loves to get herself stranded in tight places. I snapped this pic before Cheryl loaded up the dryer. Rashi is on her 8th life, so she can't keep making bone headed moves like this. But she is sooo cute. She also loves to run into the closets when you are not looking and get trapped in. Good thing Hiro and Red notice and bring our attention to her.


Audrey said...

Those look great!! You do amazing work.

earmark said...

my cat loves the dryer too! I have been told that is very dangerous... duh... :) LOVE YOUR WORK!!


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