Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheryl's cabinet day 2!

I think it is called a cabinet. I'm not sure. I know she eventually wants to put it in her sewing room and have it act as a place to put her sewing stuff including her machine. Anyway, I made some real progress on it tonight. But as of right how, I have to wait for it to get some paint before I can drive on. Cheryl has "volunteered" to paint the doors. ( she is going for a red background with a black frame. ) While she has the paint out, she offered to paint the rest of it before I assemble and install the doors. Fine by me! So I'm done for the night! While we wait for paint to dry, I have five seats for tomorrow. So I will not be working on it then. So I will sign off and send pictures as they paint drys and we get to the finished assembly.

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