Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednsday carving

Four seats tonight. I was happy for the easy day, even though several of them were the "challenging" ones to paint. And I had to paint all alone. Cheryl painted the bedroom...again. She seems to want to repaint rooms every three months or so....I don't know why. Here is a re post of my old carving video once again....for people who may not have seen it yet. ( I know there are some out there) Until We get a new computer that can handle making a new video, I have to constantly replay this old one. I have a great line up on music and everything..... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice job Thanks

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Ethan
Great job. I know the video was just short of 6 minutes, but how long does it actually take to do one of these seats? Do you buy the seats already cut, or do you do everything completely from scratch?
Take care

The Great Ethan Allen said...

It's hard to say the exact time it takes to complet one seat. I belive I had to edit this video down from 40 minutes, and that was just the video time! ( I did not have the camera on during the entire process) Roughly, 5-10 minutes to disassemble the seat, 5-10 minutes to draw on the design, 15-30 minutes to carve it. 5-10 minutes to sand off the old finish, few minutes to stain, then 20-45 minutes to paint. Poly is a all night thing but usually 4 hours between coats if I'm lucky. A lot of time depends on the design, and doing several seats at onece helps during the painting.

diy said...

As an apprentice carver I enjoyed your video, thanks. Makes me want to try one similar.


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